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Our Journey to the House of Snow

WOW what a whirlwind the last 8 weeks have been! But if you are reading this it means you have found us and that the effort has all been worth-while. The journey has been pure mayhem, madness and shear hell at times. Walls have been knocked down to be rebuilt inches away from where they originally stood, rewiring, plumbing, painting, hours spent searching for the perfect designers, dresses, accessories, furniture, fixtures, fittings and some serious amounts of screaming and hair pulling have occurred.

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Although I have had some of the most testing times over the last 8 weeks it has been a wonderful journey, one that has been shared with family and friends as everyone has been pulled in to help in some way or another to make my dreams a reality. From the beginning my Dad has spent hours going over my business plan with me, offering endless amounts of advice and support throughout, my Mum for being my ear when I needed to talk through my dress choices (my buying trip buddy). To Tim my step farther in law the electrician, Aran, brother in law, who did all the plumbing (when we got the shop I wouldn’t even go to the toilet as it was so disgusting and its now been transformed into a beautiful powder room fit for a bride). Trevor my father in law the all-round handyman/carpenter, nothing I threw at him was too difficult. So many friends we have pulled in along the way for plastering, painting, printing, feeding us, and everything in between.

I wanted to create a modern space for brides to find ‘the one’, a space that is calming, clean cut with no fuss, which is all about the bride and the dresses.
– Harriet x

But none of this would have been possible without my other half, Luke the wonderful man who spent every spare minute when not at his day job at the shop making it beautiful. One other big part of the process I have to mention is Barney our cockapoo puppy who has been there throughout, bringing moments of light relief when they were definitely needed.


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Wedding dress accessories
Wedding dress accessories

They all had a lot to handle mostly my insane visions of perfection (which at times were far out) but with team effort, dedication, love and good will of so many we have magically produced something truly wonderful.


I wanted to create a modern space for brides to find ‘the one’, a space that is calming, clean cut with no fuss, which is all about the bride and the dresses. A space that you want to buy your dress in and can’t wait to return to for your fittings. Somewhere that is a little out of the ordinary, as a wedding dress is just that, so shouldn’t the experience be extraordinary also?

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House of Snow Open
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I find time to write this now getting over the tiredness due to the last 8 weeks, our body clocks are starting to return to normal as well as our eating habits, goodbye to the late night takeaways and easy to make junk food… hello routine. This week has been our opening and what an incredible week it has been, we have welcomed some wonderful brides into the House of Snow family and I can’t wait for all the weeks to come.

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