Victoria and Michael

Our real wedding today is that of Victoria and Michael and is a beautiful reminder of what a wedding is truly about. Sometimes things can get carried away and we lose the true meaning of the day, Victoria and Michael remind us of what’s important.
Our time with Victoria was rather short but very sweet. When Victoria first came into the boutique and bought her dress back in August she was due to get married on the 22nd of July 2017. However, on the Bank Holiday Monday in August (just three weeks after Victoria had bought the dress) she called the boutique in quite a flap and informed us that the wedding had been bought forward to October 2016!
Victoria tells us more about her wedding plans and the reason for her changes to their big day… “I prepared myself for Harriet to say there is no way we can get your dress in 8 weeks but not our Harriet! She said ‘let me call Justin Alexander and find out what can be done!’ After a couple of days or so she told me she had the dress coming in to the shop the following week. I couldn’t believe it a bride of my size getting the dress of my dreams in under 8 weeks!”
“Our wedding went from a very large local wedding at Long Melford Church to a very small intimate one on the 22nd October 2016. We chose to do this because the wedding we had planned got out of hand (the catering bill alone was coming in at around £4000). We talked about it and something in both of us just clicked and we decided to cancel everything and bring it forward. There are many reasons but the main one being we would love to start trying for a baby but wanted to be married first, the second was that we wanted to start our married life without a huge amount of debt. Our whole wedding only cost us £3500 with everything included (this excludes the dress because my beautiful mother and father gifted this to me).”
“We chose Gretna Green because we frequently go up to Scotland as that’s where Michael is from and every time we drove past it we jokingly said to each other ‘we could always elope to Gretna green.’”
The Dress Justin Alexander 8799 with its incredibly soft and romantic chiffon ballgown skirt. The beautifully beaded belt and pleated chiffon bodice accentuate the waist perfectly. The show stopping heavily beaded neckline and back create a breathtakingly bridal look.
Victoria tells us about her search for her dress… “I was recommended to visit ‘House of Snow’ by one of my work colleagues who knows Harriet personally. I thought about it for a while before booking an appointment mainly because I thought her shop looks amazing and there is no way she will have even one dress that I would get into! However, I plucked up the courage and sent her a message on Facebook. She replied so quickly and the message couldn’t have been more encouraging, she told me not to worry about what size I am as she can work her ‘magic’ on any bride. This made me feel so much better and so I booked an appointment.”
“The appointment day came and off my sister, mum and I went as soon as I stepped into ‘House of Snow’ I felt like a princess the shop is absolutely gorgeous and we were the only ones in there so I felt at ease straight away. Harriet then picked out three dress for me to try. The moment of truth came when I tried on my second dress. I don’t know how she did it but Harriet got a size 10 dress to fit my not so size 10 body! I tried a few more on but nothing looked as unique as that second dress.”
“I was hoping for a big say yes to the dress moment but it wasn’t quite like that – I just felt happy and I had a vision of me wearing it down the aisle.” “When it came to alterations, Lara the seamstress who might I add is just as wonderful as Harriet fitted my dress perfectly, don’t ask me how she did it because that beading looks intense and you wouldn’t even know she had touched it!”
The Day Victoria and Michael wanted a wedding day that was stress free and totally perfect, and this is exactly what they had. A day about tying the knot and starting their married life together.
Victoria tells us more… “My favourite part of the day was obviously saying my vows and the look on Michaels face when he first saw me in my dress (He had a tear in his eye but he said this was because the building was dusty and old I’m not so sure that was the reason though)!”
“I also loved the historical aspect as we got to sign in the book where everyone who has ever been married in the same place has signed. So we will now be a part of that history forever. Which to me is so special.”
A few words of wedded wisdom from the lovely Victoria… “My mother and father always say to love and respect each other and never go to bed on an argument they have always lived like this and they have been married for nearly 30 years so it must be working.”
Suppliers – Gretna Wedding Bureau The Venue – Ceremony (The world famous Blacksmith shop in Gretna Green) Reception (The Gables hotel in Gretna Green) Flowers – Gretna Flower basket Photographer – Supplied by Gretna wedding Bureau Catering – The Gables Hotel Menswear – Kilt bought from Slaters in Norwich Makeup? I wanted to be natural and still look like myself so I was happy to do this myself. I also ended up doing my mum and sisters make up. Hair stylist – Emma Ritchie

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